“Passionate for art!” We always use, read or hear the common word passion about this and that, and in particular for art. However, though I have been working in the marine field for 8 years, art has truly always been my passion since I was a child. And that is why I studied graphic design and continue drawing every spare moment I get.

I was born in Tehran - Iran. After I finished my secondary school I received my high school diploma in graphic design, then I went to the University of Applied Sciences and Technology in Tehran to continue studying graphic.

Besides, I worked as a graphic designer, for me curiosity and adventure were the major things to decide to choose the be a sailor, I should also mention that I have always been interested in showing my work to the world as well as reaching out to other artists around the globe. I held a solo exhibition of portrait caricature years ago in Tehran and I have travelled extensively from the Middle East to Europe, Asia and to Canada to learn more and more.