Date. 2020


"Tabasqueeze" is a GIF. There's a lot of awesome advertising about Tabasco on social media platforms. Since I'm a big fan of Tabasco and a hot sauce lover, I decided to create something different as well as bold in a different way. My main focus was the hotness coming out of a squeeze bottle sauce in combination with flame colors. Red and orange show fire dripping down.


"Woman" in French means' La Femme 'was a logo design from my school project. I decided to turn this logo into a motion graphic design and tried to show feminism in a creative way as well as the word woman in different languages. 


"Phoniex AI Soulotions" was a startup financial company. It is a short video respecting brand colors to create something fun and eye-catching. 

"Classic cars never get old'' is a personal project idea I created in After Effects. It's a 30 second short video without audio, showing an old classic car engine starting with a neon text effect. I used the same neon effect for the speedometer as well.

Photo by Daniel Von Appen on unsplash

 This video takes 5 sec to autoplay