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Date. 2022

The Mohawk

A mark of the warrior ethos, wearing it has become a ritual that inspires bravery and signals a warrior's pledge to victory, it's a symbol to be feared and respected.

Here is my latest project, where my task was to create a lookbook for Headrush's 15-year anniversary as well as the tech packs for the garments, with specification details which included graphics, woven labels size and placement, color swatches, and print techniques. The main illustration of the Mohawk Skull is a team project where we tried to create something vintage while also respecting the brand.


Based on two colors, black and white, I want to use the blalance between these two colors for the layout in a combination of serif fonts and my handwritten script font. The pink color in the typography represents the women, while the men remain black and white.

Creative Direction & Graphic Design by Afshin Faridfar

Spring/Summer 2023 will see the release of this collection.

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